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Different Ant Species that Invade Your Home

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Ants may appear in large numbers. They are one of the most prevalent nuisances and pests in the world. They’re notorious for invading backyard BBQs and picnics. Although ants don’t really transmit illnesses, they are hard to eliminate. They can take over your living quarters, especially your pantry. They like places where there are food and moisture, like the kitchen and bathroom. While searching for meals and a place to stay, these pests can roam around your house more particularly during the winter.

While homeowners are acquainted with ants, many don’t understand that there are different species of ants and they infiltrate and take over homes rather differently. There are over 700 known species in the United States alone. Knowing which type you are dealing with is essential to correctly dispose of these pests. Below are some of the common species of ants.

1. Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are named for their capacity to excavate wood by creating smooth tunnels all over it. The wood is not eaten by carpenter ants. They only crawl and dig through it to construct their colonies. These species present a danger to homes because their nest can trigger environmental harm. Carpenter ants also have strong teeth and are able to sting. Upon maturity, a black carpenter ant’s nest may consist of up to 50,000 working ants.

2. House ants

Because of the powerful, rotten scent a house ant emits, they’re also referred to as the odorous ants. You’ll get a whiff of this scent when the ant is crushed. These odorous ants are very determined and they use the plants, branches, and debris outside your home to get inside. Once they get inside, they choose to live near areas of moisture, particularly inside termite-damaged wood. These ants love eating sweet foods like honeydew. They can also contaminate your food inside the house.

3. Little black ants

Little black ants are designated for their presence. These ants are like scavengers that thrive on different types of sticky, sugary, and fatty foods. They most especially love candies, fruits, meats, grease, and oil. The colonies of these ants seem tiny due to their small size. It implies that their colonies are hard to find. They typically live in the voids of the decaying wood, ceilings, and walls. They have stingers, although they are too tiny and too fragile to present any danger.

4. Pavement ants

Pavement ants create colonies in pavement cracks, thus their name. These ants can eat anything, more particularly bread, cheese, and meats. They can scavenge food up to 30 feet away. These ants are mostly seen in masonry walls and underneath the floors.

5. Fire ants

Also known as red imported fire ants, these species are frequently seen in the southern parts of the US. They are known for their capacity to inflict sore stings and bites. Usually, these invasive ants’ nest close concrete foundations in the soil. They gain entry to any building through the holes and cracks leading indoors. When troubled, fire ants sting people. To eliminate this species of ants, hiring an Irving pest control specialist is necessary.

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